1. Schedule the tidy-up tasks in your calendar and treat them like an important appointment that can’t be cancelled. If something else comes up during that time, just say ‘No’. Yes, you could reschedule the tasks, but let’s face it. It’s human nature to procrastinate unpleasant tasks that we haven’t found the time to do.


  1. Make a plan to avoid post-Christmas cash flow troubles. If you are in an industry which often experiences a sales drop in January, take preventative action. This could be as simple as selling unused equipment or materials. It could also mean targeting a new type of client/customer or doing some casual work in a different field. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Review and update the terms and conditions that your clients and customers agree to. This may require a legal professional. Well written terms and conditions that are signed and dated by clients can save you and your business thousands in lost income.


  1. Reorganise your work spaces. This can include tools, inventory, your office, your work vehicle etc. It’s surprising how much time (and therefore money) you can save over a long period by being able to find things quickly. Without naming names, it may also mean not buying something that you already own because you are unable to find it.


  1. Review and update your marketing platforms. Your website and your business Facebook page are the two most popular. This could include increasing your prices on your website or scheduling months of Facebook posts in advance.


  1. Get up to date on your business record-keeping. This could mean reconciling all transactions in your accounting software, reviewing and following up overdue sales invoices and bills and referring overdue sales invoices to debt collection. You could check to make sure that your organisation and employee information and settings in your accounting software are up to date. Remember that your business generally must have a copy of expense tax invoices in order to claim tax deductions and GST credits. Make sure that you have all of these.


  1. Last, but not least, is well deserved rest and relaxation. All studies on the subject conclude that small business owners who take regular breaks from their business are generally more productive and successful.


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